Tanzanite Ventures

Acquires B2B SaaS companies

Our focus is acquiring and operating B2B SaaS companies with $20k to $30k in annual profits


About us

Through our software development background, we have experience building software applications and maintaining them. We also have experience with direct technical support and pride ourselves on customer satisfication.

For customers

Our philosophy is to give customers and users the best experience possible. We view software as a business solution for customers. Our products and services serve your business and we provide a stable technical solution to keep your business running efficiently.

For sellers

We acquire businesses with $20k to $30k in annual profits. For businesses in that range, we make all cash offers that require no financing. We can close quickly so you can move onto the next stage of your life. Contact us below if you are thinking about selling your B2B SaaS business.


Contact us by emailing

gopi [at] tanzaniteventures [dot] com.